Beyond Decorative Art

Art for the sake of pleasantry is as redundant as a book with a nice cover and empty pages. Art must have a message, art must occasionally provoke, art has to inspire.

The project “Generation A” met the requirements in several ways.

Firstly the project was developed together with two of the most important Civil Society Organizations in Albania: the National Hotline against Domestic Violence and the Counseling Line for Men and Boys. Both organizations are key to address some of the major challenges of the radical transformation of the Albanian society in a difficult social and economical environment.

Secondly the project entailed also workshops for high school students; implemented by Julius Eb and psychologists of the aforementioned groups. In total more than 500 students came in the course of the exhibition to the National Gallery in Tirana to discuss inspired by the art work the transition from a totalitarian regime to a democracy and the impact on gender and women in particular.

Those discussions were also reflected in the over 250 entries in the Instagram photo contest “#gjenerataa”. Students and young adults were asked to use their creative to express their perception of the “Generation A”.