Generation A – Solo Exhibition National Gallery Albania


Who is the Generation A of Albania? What defines this generation that has few to none affiliation with Enver Hoxha’s dictatorship? What defines its compass of life? How do women fare in this transition as their transformation in society was was the most significant: from servants with no rights in the times of the Kanun towards increasingly assertive decision makers.

The photo project Generation A reflects Julius Eb’s perception of the monumental transformations, documenting socio-political and radical extremes in the country during this 30-year period when everyone delved into their own project of survival and freedom trying to maneuver between wealth and poverty, intellect and illiteracy, the have-nots and the know-nots, acceptance and rejection, beauty and ruin.

Some of the works are street photography. Other photographs are metaphors: the side by side presentation with some works of the social realism, which portrays the socialist leadership’s vision for Albania and daily life as such, offer an additional challenging contrast.


Solo Exhibition National Gallery Albania
26 April 2017 – 27 May 2017

60 photographs (80 x80 cm to 125 x 125 cm)
self adhesive film on distressed acrylic

Complemented by works of Socialist Realism as contrast to the transformation of society, contributed by the National Gallery.




PDF Catalogue of the Exhibition for Download: