PINK meets RED


The Installation “PINK meets RED”  is a center piece of the project Generation A .

It is a reflection of transition. Transition from RED to something else. It’s a process. It’s unfinished. I lacks the ninth picture. A corner that would it make it complete.

RED stands for the socialist decades. Decades of an ideology that didn’t last. The former idols of communism are now united in silence in a corner in a backyard.

PINK stands also for changes in society, values and perceptions and whatever else matters to people in their lifes.

“PINK meets RED” will never be complete, like transition in real life. Some photographs up-side down. Representing what has been the wrong direction. Other photographs just partly transformed to pink. Like the Bronze in the park with the Women serving the Soldier water. Gender equality has come a long way since the Kanun. Will it ever be complete?

Why is there yellow in a pink installation? It’s a process and part of the change to something else.